Why This Blog?

Launched in June 2019 as a place for young, professional, women to cultivate their love for a beautiful life. If you are a lover of all things pretty, inside and out, then you’ll fit right in around here! This is not your typical beauty blog: yes, there are plenty of makeup tutorials and skincare reviews coming your way, and more “Outfit of The Day” posts than probably necessary; but you will also find short devotional posts where myself or a guest writer will encourage your personal walk with God, you’ll also find meal ideas and nutritional supplement recommendations. This blog is fueled by my dream to be a writer, and my love of all things pretty, but I never want any of y’all to ever think “beauty” is about outward appearances only. To quote my sweet Momma, “Beauty is but skin deep, ugly goes to the bone; when beauty fades away, ugly holds its own.” So, let’s be lovers of pretty, all the while cultivating what is beautiful, inside and out.

Okay, but Char, why should I trust your advice?

Well, I like to think I have good ideas… but if you’re looking for my credentials, here’s a little bit of history:

Growing up, my dad was a pastor at our church and my momma avidly worked her Mary Kay business—all the neighborhood and church ladies got their skincare and makeup from my momma, and she would teach about skincare and makeup to our youth girls. So, I was exposed to the beauty industry at a young age, learning the ins and outs about what line of skincare was best for each skin type and what makeup shades were best for each skin tone and eye color. Since my mom was everyone’s skin and makeup go-to-gal, I kind of inherited it. Fast forward to Paralegal School, I worked at one of the top hair salons in Jacksonville, FL as an Experience Coordinator. This means I was responsible to understanding and explaining both products and services to clients, ensuring that each and every person got exactly what they wanted/needed as they walked out the door. Because of this, I have a deeper understanding of exactly what chemicals are used in hair products and services, what is best for different hair types, and I became well versed in the world of hair extensions. After a change to my school schedule, I started work at one of the top Wax Shops in Jacksonville, FL as a Receptionist. Don’t let that job title fool you, though, I had to be just as well versed in products and services as before—just with skin and hair removal this time. I learned all about waxing, in-grown hair removal, eyebrow shapes, how to properly wax (I am not a licensed pro, though), and the aftercare of such services. While working at both of these salons, I became great friends with many licensed cosmetologists and aestheticians, who took the time to further educate me about makeup, skincare, hair, and the like. Please know, though, that I’m still learning like the rest of us: our education of what is good for us should never end! My current knowledge of pretty things is always evolving, but I want us to be together for this journey of being our most beautiful!

Like I said, beauty is not just being pretty on the outside, but the inside too!

I want this to be a safe place where you can come and get real with the God that created us! I love Jesus, and I am thankful every day that He has given me this beautiful life—this is a place where we can come and visit with Him! I told y’all earlier that I grew up in church, with my dad being a pastor, but my religious education wasn’t just at home: after high school, I attended a 1-year program at a Bible Institute here in Florida and a quick transient program at a Seminary in Texas. In that year, I learned so much about the plans that God has for each of us, and the love that He wants to lavish on us if we’ll just let Him! I also want to encourage growth in taking care of our insides—we worry so much about whether our makeup is clogging our pores or if our night cream is actually slowing the aging process; but have you stopped to think today if you’ve taken all of your vitamins or supplements, or whether you have planned for heathy, balanced, meals today? God has blessed us with our wonderful bodies, but we still have to take good care of them!

I can’t wait to get to know all of y’all and live this life together, so feel free to slide into my dms and say hi any time! Life is Better, Lived Together!

❤ xoxo Char